OCOM ceased representation in 2021
for Security and Audio Visual

OCOM No Longer Represents Manufacturers

  • OCOM Sales, Inc.


    Today Surveillance Technology forensic evidence is about quality and automation. OCOM is providing future proof solutions in IPCCTV from Megapixel to AI to Cloud storage. We provide demonstration and training for these new technologies assisting dealers, distributors and customers.

  • OCOM Sales, Inc.


    In 2019 the Midwest Education Classrooms began transforming technology again. Large Format Touch Screens are now being installed in classrooms throughout the Midwest. OCOM Provides accessories to support this new classroom transformation.

  • OCOM has evolved and grown with the market.
  • OCOM identified the key future trends.
  • OCOM trained and retooled our knowledge from analog to IP, video integration to networks.
  • OCOM continues to educate their customer base.